Revamped The Blog Today

It has been many months since I have last contributed any information about the things most important to me by way of this blog. Guess you could say I've treated this page like the forgotten stepchild. Well, maybe not so harshly (snicker here). After many years of webpage building for one reason or another, I simply walked away from the sometimes-stressful task of creating content by way of webpages. Over the past few weeks, I find myself back at creating a webpage for my new skincare products and now the updating of this page, which took most of the day.  Finally, it looks like I want it to. I'm off from work and enjoying my summer vacation for the next ten weeks. So maybe creating content via this page will prove to be better than visiting Mr. Refrigerator and Mrs. Cabinet all summer. There definitely has been an increase in my cravings for junk food. I've been used to working ten-hour days and being too tired to eat during the school year. Infact at this very moment my thoughts are of something sweet to eat which I definitely don't need. Salad for dinner tonight will be the wiser choice. The hope is that you enjoy my content and follow a page of two. I have some beautiful Romney fleece I will be starting to work on. I'll share that with you, and of course you can enjoy information about my new skincare line by following the links to my products under the page header labeled "My Skincare Blog and Shop Now". Off to the store I go for salad fixings. Until next time. Stay blessed people.  

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  1. My route as a school bus driver is a very rural route. Most of the roads that I travel are dirt roads. Once in a while I get the chance to stop and take pictures with my cell phone along the way. Just doesn't get any better than this. It's nice to start the day with such positive energy as this kind of view.


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