Merino Drop Spindle Spun Yarn

Well, I'm finally back after a very long hiatus. I won't say that I'm trying to catch up on post as that would be impossible and really not necessary. The goal is to make a post so here it is. Yesterday I pulled out an old stash of Merino wool roving that I have had for quite some time and began to spin a single that I decided to ply-on-the-fly, as the single was thin, and I didn't want to transfer the single to my Kromski double treadle spinning wheel to ply a three-ply yarn. It had been a very long time since I had spun a single and plied the single using the ply-on-the-fly technique. Took me a few minutes to get acclimated again to a much-used technique in the past, but each step of the ply-on-the-fly technique quickly fell into place, and I was on my way to spindle spinning bliss. The decision as to what color I will dye the yarn is still in the think-about stages. I was thinking maybe a solid color and then I thought about color gradients which can be very exciting to create on a blank canvas. Stayed tuned. Salaam. 


"Through the Mist A Woman's Thoughts" is a journal where a Woman can work through her thoughts in words. This journal consists of 250 pages and is offered in a hardcover format to ensure that your journal is protected throughout the years even after you've written on the last page. This journal is available for reorder if you wish to create your own private series. You only need to keep accurate dates of each journal entry, including the year written to maintain a life-long account of the events that have taken place in your daily life. So, use your imagination as you write and try using different colors to write in. You may even doodle in the borders. Make this journal your favorite journal. Keep your memories safe and secure in this hardcover edition of "Through the Mist a Woman's Thoughts". Also available in paperback. Can be purchased at link listed below.

 Through The Mist A Woman's Thoughts 


My Version of Miso Soup


My version of miso soup. I cook miso soup at least once a week and it seems the recipe is never quite the same. Yet, always pleasing to the taste buds and warming to my soul...miso soup. #miso soup

Happy Gardening

I've gone with the theme of container gardening until I decide that I may want to go bigger with the scheme of things. My sweet potato and red potato plants are doing better than I expected and my curly blue kale actually came up this year. Finally fertilized them with fish and seaweed fertilizer. I’ll see how that goes. I think I’ll plant more since the season is still young. These seem to be coming along quickly. It’s all trial and error this year. I'm not home enough to give my full attention to gardening this year. I think the critters dug up and ate my two starter pots of scarlet runner beans. When you find the little guy in the tiny garden let me know you have found him. Salaam. #gardening #scarletrunnerbeans #sweetpotatogreens #bluecurlykale #kale #happygardeninglife #happygardeningwithasmile #Happygardening


Facial Skincare Line LadyHawk Of Heartland

This product is my best seller. The line a Hydrating Face Moisturizer, Detoxifying Charcoal Mask, Nightwear Cream and Perfect 10 Oil Cleanser. Products can be ordered through my catalog. Catalog can be obtained by emailing me at Feel free to email for free catalog containing product information. #facialmoisturizer #facecream #claymask #oilcleanser

Nothing Beats Face-To-Face Product Sales

 I started my handcrafted toiletries business in 1995 when I lived in Myakka City, Florida. And, over the years I have experimented with many different ways to market and sell products. Here I am in the year of 2023, and I still feel that the best way to market and sell my toiletries is by word-of-mouth, associated with hand delivering my products to clients when I make a sale. It is the only true way to gain trust from clients and to guarantee that they keep returning to purchase your products. Off and on I have had different websites with all the glamour and glitter that websites can provide. But still as a seller of products I realize that there are millions upon millions of businesses using exactly the same the same process that I once used. My thoughts went back to the days of the Avon lady who made sales, but she also made friends and created the return of reliable clients. So, I dug out my brightly colored bags that I had purchased to bag my products in, and at the same time I threw away the bulky boxes that I have often used to send packages by mail to distant clients. I decided to rely upon community. As long as I provide a product that is the best that I have to offer, my clients will remain true. That is what Avon was. Many women have carried around that small catalog of products with a booklet full of receipts and made perfectly good sales. Along with my brightly colored bags I created a product catalog, and as I added new products, I sent my clients by email an updated catalog. I created trust. People simply want to know where their product comes from, and they want to hear you speak about it. LadyHawk Of Heartland thrives because I took my business to the people, by hand. This product is my best seller. The line a Hydrating Face Moisturizer, Detoxifying Charcoal Mask, Nightwear Cream and Perfect 10 Oil Cleanser. Products can be ordered through my catalog. Catalog can be obtained by emailing me at Feel free to email for order information. #facialmoisturizer #facecream #claymask #oilcleanser

Turkish Spindle Spinning

Turkish Spindle Spinning