My Version of Miso Soup


My version of miso soup. I cook miso soup at least once a week and it seems the recipe is never quite the same. Yet, always pleasing to the taste buds and warming to my soul...miso soup. #miso soup

Happy Gardening

I've gone with the theme of container gardening until I decide that I may want to go bigger with the scheme of things. My sweet potato and red potato plants are doing better than I expected and my curly blue kale actually came up this year. Finally fertilized them with fish and seaweed fertilizer. I’ll see how that goes. I think I’ll plant more since the season is still young. These seem to be coming along quickly. It’s all trial and error this year. I'm not home enough to give my full attention to gardening this year. I think the critters dug up and ate my two starter pots of scarlet runner beans. When you find the little guy in the tiny garden let me know you have found him. Salaam. #gardening #scarletrunnerbeans #sweetpotatogreens #bluecurlykale #kale #happygardeninglife #happygardeningwithasmile #Happygardening


Facial Skincare Line LadyHawk Of Heartland

This product is my best seller. The line a Hydrating Face Moisturizer, Detoxifying Charcoal Mask, Nightwear Cream and Perfect 10 Oil Cleanser. Products can be ordered through my catalog. Catalog can be obtained by emailing me at Feel free to email for free catalog containing product information. #facialmoisturizer #facecream #claymask #oilcleanser

Turkish Spindle Spinning

Turkish Spindle Spinning